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  • Have you tried to upgrade your reality, to a better and brighter future - but it just seems so darn hard?
  • Maybe you have a sense that something blocks and prevents you from reaching your goals?
  • Perhaps confusing life options, emotional pains, and setbacks are a recurring theme in your life?
  • It can also be, you have tried to work the Law of Attraction but with overall disappointing results?
  • Is hard for you to actually dream up a better life because some little voice inside keeps telling you that this is not for you
    - and causes you stay stuck?
  • Now IF you already dream of a better/different life than your current reality, are you sure on HOW to actually get there
    - or anywhere but where you currently are?
  • What if already have a sparkling Dream Life Vision or Big Business plan, but it might be destined to fail, even if it seems to be fool proof right now?
  • Are you sure that the direction you are heading in your life and/or business really is aligned with whom you truly are, your Soul? 


  • Imagine what your life will be if you stay put and stick to your current reality - will you be happy as is?
  • Or perhaps you can create a better future - a more happy and fulfilled life.
  • Can you envision what that life would look and feel like?
  • What will it feel like to finally overcome those barriers that hold you back?
    What will you do in your life instead? What will it feel like? Look like?
  • Imagine what it would be like to have your very own and personal GPS and roadmap, that lets you know if you are still on the right track
    - and give you the time to course correct?
  • How will you live your life, if you just know that the direction you are following, gets you exactly where you want to be - your dream life or goal? What will you do?


You know what?

You have to get YOU right before you will begin to receive, that, which you want.

Read on.



My deep mission is to help transformation in you, the spiritually-minded individual and/or entrepreneur.
To wipe your slate clean and get you laser focused on the exact steps you need to take,
to support you shape your future and achieve your Dream Life and/or Big Business Goals
- through knowledge of cutting-edge Quantum Science, Coaching, effective tools & techniques, the Akashic Records and teaching you how to harness the power of your subconscious mind.
Body - Mind - Spirit


I have done the research, so you don't have to!


I cut through the noise, point out the quickest path - which exact action steps will get you there -
HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE YOU and support you in the process of adjusting your frequency and actually begin shifting onto the Clear Path of your Successful Dream Life & Goals.

 Do the smart thing and read on.



If you allow me support you fully, you will know exactly


WHAT tools will get you there
WHEN you're due to arrive!


Help to get clear on your direction

Because if we don't know where we're going, how will we make sure it's where we want to be?

Challenges to get you to Next level

We are transforming not just to get one step up but to go to the Next Level!

Tapping and Spirit Guide Coaching

We want to release and clear old blocks and beliefs - and keep you on track into alignment

Group and/or individual healings

To support the clearings and to balance your energy bodies for optimal results

The Quantum Clear Path Success
3-Step Coaching Structure

A truly badass 12-week spiritual coaching intensive, specifically designed to clear your energetic past, shift you out of your current reality and onto the Clear Path of manifesting your Successful Dream Life & Goals. 

Past, Present, Future - Body, Mind, Spirit

1/ Clear your PAST

First, the process begins with setting your initial intention - you got to know what you don't want, in order to know what you DO want.
I help you identify and clear any current or past-life blocks and residue of done business, that prevents you from reaching your goals and may even be creating confusion, pain and setbacks in your life - as well as the reason for why/where it originated, as it is very hard to change conditions and beliefs, if we don’t know when and why we created them up in the first place.
This is usually the No. 1 reason when we don’t achieve the big success we dream of - old, worn-out conditions and beliefs.

I create a sparkling clear window of opportunity for you, from where you will clear your path and begin taking new, aligned and trailblazing action towards your goals and create your Dream Life Vision of Success.

2/ Assess your PRESENT

Next, I help you identify your Big Goal and/or Dream Life Vision really builds on - and what achieving that success will actually look and feel to you - how you will feel when actually experiencing it - as in order to attract something new, you must first be crystal clear on what it is you really want, or it will be almost impossible to shift into that reality.
Which is the No. 2 reason for not reaching our big goals - we are not laser focused on what is aligned to us specifically and what reality we actually want.

I have some amazing tools and exercises that help you gain absolute clarity on whom you really are, even at Soul-level, and what it is you truly want to achieve.

The VIP option
* Riding that wave, I help you identify the amount of shift needed and towards what, exactly which of your planned steps, options and actions, that will actually take you there, AS WELL AS the approximate time frame it will take you, to reach your goal (provided, naturally, you actually follow through with your set plan as intended - You will be coached on that too).
* BONUS: You will also get your personal, overall GPS as to how you specifically are set up to deliberately create, manifest and shift into your desired reality.

3/ Create your FUTURE

When you begin to actually act on your dreams, instead of wishy-washy thinking, it is common that suddenly all kinds of weird blocks and new forms of resistance pops up. Know, that this is normal. And, believe it or not, it is actually a gift, as that will allow you to identify what it is in you, that has been keeping you from your success.
You will be equipped with invaluable techniques, tips and powerful exercises to help you consciously clear any limiting beliefs and mental restrictions that may surface on the way - which again supports you in creating a new, positive attitude and solid habits that will support you and enable you to reach your goals. Tools, that you will use for life.
As your coach, I help you stay motivated and hold you accountable, as you take action and help you overcome any challenges that may arise, to stay focused and navigate your dream path.
And that's the No. 3 reason for us not creating our Dream Life - the lack of the right tools to do the job, accountability, and motivation to stay focused.

Through our work together I help you build and maintain that momentum and align you in such a way, that you ultimately will reach your Dream Life and Goals.

The VIP option
* As you take action on those exact steps, that you now know will take you to your Dream Life and Big Goal, we will do ongoing check-ins on both your personal frequency and GPS, your planned steps and any surfacing problems or issues to make sure you stay on track and that any new, unplanned actions and happenings in life are not bringing you astray.


Nothing less than a gift!
It was crazy how much I recognized myself in the Akashic Soul profile reading.
Who I really am, my flairs and gifts and whether I was on the right track (which I am!). I found the reading very profound and it is now my guiding beacon to sense what is right for me.
It has been a huge help to be ‘mapped’ out. I have regained my sense of trust in myself and I am very grateful to have you on the sideline when my insecurities play tricks or I lose my sense of direction.
Krestine Christensen
I highly recommend!
I just had the most incredible Soul Realignment Session. I am in awe at the resonance and confirmations. Details and review to come. So grateful to my sweet soul sister. Amazing!
Cassandra Bellarei, Holistic Diva
It made total sense!
Clairre hit to the core of my soul with her Soul Profile reading and Akashic Realignment clearing, and I felt a very precise recognition within me. I ‘see’ and feel the preciseness and it is now the beacon I try to remember on a daily basis – in all my choices.
The signal is now stronger and clearer.
Iben Dyel


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